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Report: Streaming Video to Reach $27 Billion
Streaming video and music accessed through the Internet and mobile devices will generate $27 billion in revenue by 2011, according to an Insight Research report. In what Insight president Robert Rosenberg calls a conservative prediction, the report also projects 32 percent annual compound growth for the streaming media market.     Click for details...

List Building 101 - You Must Use a Squeeze Page
A squeeze page is a way to gather the names and emails address of each visitor. It contains a headline, bullet points, and a subscription forms. Testomials, audio and video messages can also be used.   Click for details...

More Data in Support of Streaming Video
Google and AOL teamed up to commission a survey from TNS Media Intelligence, that shows favorable user and advertiser metrics for online video.   This is important to understand because it demonstrates the adoption and expectation of online video for people who are looking for more information about an advertiser's products and services. The trend is steadily moving more and more in favor of online video to help a business separate and differentiate themselves from their competitors in their marketplace. A few high-level data points are:   75% of users watch more online video than they did one year ago, and 52% expect to watch more over the next year. 78% feel online video ads offer as much or more capability than television to learn about an advertiser. 63% say they prefer video advertising in order to keep content free. The survey also measured response rates from online video, coming up with numbers similar to those in TKG's User View (results in past post).  Specifically 64% of the TNS study respondents claimed taking action after viewing online video. 44% went to a Web site, 33% to a search engine, 22% to a physical store, and 21% discussed with friends). This supports something we've said many times... online video combines the traditional strengths of video advertising (entertaining, informative, ability to elicit emotional response), with the direct response capabilities of the internet.   Copyright - The Kelsey group. All Rights Reserved.   Click for details...

Ad Spending On Social Networks Explodes In '08
Ad spending on online social networks worldwide will nearly double, to $2.2 billion in 2008 from $1.2 billion this year, according to an eMarketer study being released today. Most spending will come from the U.S., where social network advertising is projected to grow to $1.6 billion next year, from $920 million in 2007. MySpace and Facebook dominate U.S. social network advertising, claiming 70% of ad dollars. -     Click for details...

Class Act: The Future of Educational Video?
It's time digital media becomes an adjunct to writing for college students and instructors, and schools, colleges, and universities should provide basic audio and video production skills.   You’re watching an online video. The scene is dimly lit. There’s just a single harsh light on our subject’s face in extreme close-up. The sound, while understandable, is full of popped Ps and distorted peaks. Is this a sequel to the Blair Witch Project, or a video podcast for Political Science 101? Or is this the future of educational video? The do-it-yourself approach to video has taken the internet by storm, and more instructors and students are taking up the call to use digital media to enhance learning.   Click for details...

LinkedIn Gets New Web2.0 Makeover
The professional networking site LinkedIn on Monday announced a sweeping redesign of its Web site and a new developer platform that allows partners to build companion applications on their sites. In reaching out to external sites, LinkedIn is hoping to expand the reach of its members' professional networks, and, in the process, further entrench its position as the top online community destination for working professionals. LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networks today, boasting a 189 percent jump in membership this October compared last October, and attracting about 1.1 million new members a month.   Click for details...

The Business Face of Social Networking
You’ve got a Web site, a blog, and maybe even an RSS feed. Think you’re done with Web 2.0? Think again. Social networking sites—community-driven Web sites that aim to connect friends and colleagues into an interwoven fabric of a network—should be next up on your business agenda. The sites can help you find referrals, vet ideas, get advice and more—usually for free.   When it comes to social networking for business, we’re not referring to MySpace, FaceBook and other online popularity contests where teens and 20-somethings (plus 30-somethings who wish they were still 20-somethings) post embellished or embarrassing tidbits about themselves in the name of “connecting” with friends and strangers. (Though it doesn’t hurt to have a presence there, if that demographic is your target market).    Click for details...

Graphic Charts & Stats Supporting Streaming Video Below are various charts, graphs, and statistics that will help you get a solid understanding of how the U.S. marketplace is adopting Online Video.   U.S. Streaming Video Market Overview    Demographic Profile of U.S. Internet Users Who've Streamed Online Video   75% of Internet Users Viewed Online Video - nearly 2.5 hours per viewer   Key U.S. TV and Internet Metrics       Click for details...

Video Search & Relevance: Important Bedfellows
As I wrote in last month’s column, video offers enormous opportunity for local SMBs (Small/Mid-sized Businesses) to market online more effectively. Admittedly, some folks differ with that point of view. For example, one commenter wrote that “although the technology exists for businesses to deploy video online, SMBs can’t compete with big brands on creative work.” This person argued that it will take more than lowering the barrier-to-entry cost of video for SMBs to compete with bigger brands. I beg to differ. Why? From what we have seen, successful online video advertising involves more than glitzy, expensively-produced commercials. Successful video ads offer relevant, informative, and authentic content about a brand, product, and service: In short, the type of content that search engines love. Also, SMBs have the mobility, which larger competitors may lack, to optimize and adjust their videos for greater relevance, ultimately making them even better for search engines.   Click for details...

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Broadcasting Bits: News Broadcasts Are Changing
NEWS.BROADCAST NEWS. THREE SIMPLE WORDS. And yet, just what do they mean? What's "news" today? And what are the vehicles by which we consume our news? Newspapers? Broadcast television? The Internet? The manner in which people watch news is clearly undergoing transformation. Broadcast television news viewers certainly have alternatives -- and Internet-based news programming may also provide more immediate access to news instead of waiting for that news to be prioritized (if appear at all) over "normal" broadcasting airwaves. Several technologies are combining to change the news gathering and viewing experience. Internet and mobile transmission protocols are enabling people to consume news content on a variety of devices. 3+ megapixel still and full-motion-video-capture cell phones are enabling anyone to acquire and transmit images. Web portals that foster and promote users to generate stories have provided the opportunity and outlet for anyone to be a provider of newsworthy content. Various terms are now applied to individuals who are not professional broadcast journalists or videographers. Whether the term is "citizen journalist," iReporter, or the worldwide community represented by Current TV, more people are acquiring images, more are editing stories, and more are making content for the world to consume. Some are struggling at this and others are thriving.     Click for details...

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What's The #1 Way You Are Planning On Using Streaming Video In 2008?
Welcome To
Written by Marc Gamble   
Thursday, 27 December 2007


Click the 4 Tabs Below for detailed information on -- also make sure you check
out the Member Orientation Tour videos as well.


1: Start Here

Image Congratulations... This is Video Marketing University!

You have found the most incredible marketing resource to help you leverage the power of Streaming Video and Web2.0 marketing tools to explode your revenue and dramatically grow your business. is YOUR private... members only... comprehensive toolkit and one-stop-center for everything you need to easiy launch successful Web2.0 & Streaming Video Marketing Campaigns to immediately catapult your business "light-years" ahead of your competition! 


NOTE: When you see a bar with a "gold star", click it for more details.

In order to quickly get acquainted with, allow me to suggest our Membership Orientation Tour.  
  • Start by watching our Membership Orientation Tour
  • It's broken down into 8 brief video steps. 
  • Click the button to the right to begin watching your
    1st video lesson.
  • Then proceed through the remaining steps.


click to watch tour

It's Easy... Select An Icon Below To Begin...

Note: You may have to upgrade your membership level to access some of the more private areas of

.: PLEASE NOTE - watch this "replay" of a live event that was broadcast on Feb. 29th :.
.: you will not
be able to interact using the "live chat" feature mentioned :.

Also ... the first 5 to 6 mins. of the video is "setup time" and can be ignored.

2: VMU Private Membership

Your Private Membership Access

Is Only Seconds Away!!


If you are a business owner, professional, entrepreneur, or executive, I know exactly why you are here... Tell me if I'm wrong?

"Let's face it... you're interested in securing a way to GET MORE CUSTOMERS at a LOWER COST, how to SELL MORE to them, and how to virtually ELIMINATE YOUR COMPETITION so you can dominate your market... and ultimately, take your business to the 'next level'... am I RIGHT...!?" is your "secret weapon" for achieving the business growth you desire!  It's 2008 and thanks to incredibly powerful, and insanely viral Web2.0 marketing tools, you can easily and cost-effectively double (and even triple) your current business and improve the overall way your company communicates and does business.


ABSOLUTELY!!  This is especially true if you are in any one of these primary industries:
  • Restaurant (non-franchise)
  • Retail with a brick & mortar store (B2C, specialty shops, dealerships, etc)
  • Non-profit Organization (from Churches to Chambers of Commerce)
  • Professional Service Provider (doctor, dentist, chiropractor, lawyer, consultant, etc)
  • Trade Service Provider (contractor, landscaper, designer, etc)
  • Education (teacher, trainer, coach, educator, etc)
  • Real-Estate Agent / Broker
  • Mortgage Agent / Broker
  • Insurance Agent / Broker
Use The Power Of Streaming Video To...

DOMINATE Your Marketplace!

Here's what you will gain from being an exclusive member of -- you will easily be able to STRATEGICALLY develop a "New Age" Marketing System for your business that AUTOMATICALLY helps your business grow EXPONENTIALLY... 

Imagine creating a customized turn-key marketing system that consistently generates new and interested leads for your business.  Then, automatically builds strong, solid, and trusting relationships with these leads and helps you easily convert them into customers... while simultaneously cutting your Advertising expenses down considerably.

And this is just the "tip-of-the-iceberg" with what you will be able to accomplish... with the tools, strategies, and coaching you will receive from -- the formula we help you achieve is:

More Customers = More Sales

And Lowered Expenses = MORE PROFIT!

LOOK... Now is the time to ACT! 

You better believe your competition is only "steps-away" from learning these strategies and employing "New Age" Streaming Video and Web2.0 marketing tactics...

Don't play catch up -- BE THE LEADER and

Dominate Your Marketplace!

3: VMU Membership Plans Membership Plans Detailed Below:

You have 4 Memberships levels to choose from for your convenience. 
Each of these levels have specific benefits for you to consider. 

Plan #1: Free Registered
Plan #2: Bachelor's Program
Plan #3: Master's Program
Plan #4: PhD Program

For more details about each level, please click on the "star tabs" below:

This is a no-risk way for you to "look around" some of the areas of the Video Marketing U. Community.  There is very little access to the private areas with this plan option.  This plan enables you to stay "plugged in" to what's happening at VMU as you will receive regular video email and text email notices as they are announced.  Just to be upfront... you probably won't be staying at this level for very long...

VMU Registration Fee: FREE
(renews every 30 days)


.: Bachelors Program :.
This is the VMU starter plan for those business owners, professionals, or entrepreneurs who are on a budget yet still wish to learn how to leverage the power of Web2.0 and Video Marketing strategies for their business. 

You will have access rights to the ALL of the recorded and archived lessons as well as all of the recommended software tools and marketing resources.  You can also take advantage of the full aspect of the Video Marketing U. Community to build relationships, joint venture partnerships, and more. The private membership community, forums, chats, and lessons are at your fingertips.

Note: Any of the LIVE sessions or broadcasts that are archived will be made available after 14 days.  This plan is great for home-based business owners and sole-proprietors so they can stay ahead of their competition with the latest "New Age" Marketing strategies, tactics, & tools without risking your budget.


Join :: VMU BACHELORS Program

VMU Registration Fee: $167/mo.

.: Masters Program :.


 This is the VMU popular plan for those business owners, professionals, or entrepreneurs who are taking their Web2.0 and Video Marketing strategies seriously.  You will have full-access rights to the majority of the sections, benefits, and features of the Video Marketing U. Community. 

Includes access to all areas available to the Bachelors Program PLUS private and exclusive access to LIVE video broadcasts and web conference trainings and Q&A sessions that are held regularly throughout the month by various professional video marketing consultants of VMU. 

These private LIVE sessions provide you the opportunity to personal classroom quality time with experts who can answer your individual questions about your video marketing plans & strategies.  This plan allows you to really leverage all the lessons & tactics that you'll learn at VMU.  Plus, you have instant access to the archived replays of each of these live sessions right after they've been broadcasted.

Join :: VMU MASTERS Program

VMU Registration Fee:

.: PhD Program :.


This is the BEST VALUE for you money!  Our VMU elite plan is for those business owners, professionals, or entrepreneurs who are interested in being extremely proactive and aggressively executing powerful Web2.0 and Video Marketing strategies for their business as soon as possible.  This membership plan provides you with live coaching and support and instant access to the entire Video Marketing U. Community. 

As a PhD member, you will have complete unrestricted access to ALL areas of VMU available to Bachelors & Masters...

Plus, your personalized V.I.P. status includes private access to professional video marketing consultants who will spend 1-on-1 quality time with you.  Each month you will receive at least 6 hours of personal attention and coaching time with private consultants to help with your specific marketing needs.


VMU Registration Fee:

This plan is a steal -- it's like you're getting your very own professional marketing
coach at your fingertips every month for only $33 bucks a day!!  (You can't beat it!)

4: VMU Plan Comparisons

Access To includes:

Library of Current Newsroom Articles:
Stay informed of the latest news and happenings from various industry perspectives.  We scour the world-wide-web scouting for interesting, educational, and helpful news articles focused on the areas of Streaming Video, Web2.0 Marketing, & Small Business stories... So You Don't Have To!
Real-Time News Feeds From Around The World:
We subscribe to many industry related blogs, podcasts, and news syndication sites so we can bring you the latest information about the world of Web2.0 & Streaming Video Marketing.  This library is updated automatically whenever our syndication partners make changes to their sites. Video Blog:
Our video blog will keep you plugged in to what is happening with VMU and new updates and announcements.
Library of Free Advice Articles From Industry Experts:
Areas include General Marketing advice, Web2.0 strategy advice, Video production tips, and more.  These articles serve as excellent "starter" resources to help you begin developing your Web2.0 & Video Marketing strategies for your business.
Library of "How-To" Articles:
Quick-start tips and more detailed advice tailored to specific industry needs.  These articles are focused on revealing step-by-step insights for running successful Web2.0 & Video Marketing strategies for these industries: Restaurant, Retail, Non-profit, Professional Services, Trade Services, Education, Real-estate, & Insurance.


Recommended Reading:
You have access to a wealth of additional reading, research information, and resources all pertaining to the field of Web2.0 and Video Marketing that we are constantly sharing with you.  These tools will add more value to everything you learn in VMU.  Make sure you check these resources out - you'll find some 'real gems' here. 
Case Studies & Whitepapers for Streaming Video:
These reports reveal real-world examples of how other businesses (like yours) are successfully using Streaming Video to improve their company's communications and marketing that grows their bottom-line.
Spreadsheets & Calculators:
Your instant access to powerful marketing & sales spreadsheets and calculators that you can download to help you quickly and easily manage your bottom-line more effectively.
Step-by-Step, "How-To" Marketing Blueprints (categorized by industry):
Learn specifically and strategically "how-to" launch successful marketing campaigns using Streaming Video to help you separate your business from your competition.  Also, discover how you can operate your business more efficiently and easily cut your marketing costs significantly. 

(Industries focused on:  Restaurant, Retail, Non-profit, Professional Services, Trade Services, Education, Real-estate, & Insurance.)

Powerpoint Slide Presentations:
In this section of the library, you will find downloadable versions of various Powerpoint & Flash Slide Presentations.  Use these resources to regularly review the various Web2.0 & Streaming Video Marketing Strategies that are taught in VMU.
Strategic Mind-maps:
Here are illustrated "Mind-maps" detailing various marketing strategies you can study, use, and learn from. These are crucial tools when planning and implementing a new marketing strategy.
Free Downloadable Software Tools:
Instant access to tons of valuable software applications that will help make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.  Some of these software resources are excellent alternatives for popular (very expensive) software that you'll need.  For example alternative options for: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Photoshop, PDF Creator, and much - much - more...!
Expert Interviews:
"Tune in" to various recorded and live interviews with industry experts.  These interviews enable you an opportunity to learn first-hand how leaders in their field have achieved success and gain insight from their tips, secrets, failures, and advice.  It's better than "late night TV"! 
Product Reviews:
Objective reviews of different marketing products, systems, tools, and resources so you can make an informed and responsible decision.  These reviews will include online video "behind-the-scenes" footage of exactly what is included or delivered in the product.  We will access the overall benefit/gain for business compared to the investment of time and money.  This shortens your decision making time considerably and provides you with intelligence for making better and more informed decisions.
Advanced Marketing Strategies (made EASY):
Take your marketing strategies and campaigns to the "next-level" and really leverage the power of automation and technology to truly optimize your marketing efforts.  Many of these Advanced Strategies you can EASILY implement in your business to help explode your revenue and increase your marketing results. 

(Industries focused on:  Restaurant, Retail, Non-profit, Professional Services, Trade Services, Education, Real-estate, & Insurance.)


FREE Ad Writing & Ad Creation Tools:
Use these tools to help you quickly and easily create extremely professional advertisements pieces for your various marketing campaigns.  Your free ad development tools include:
  • Instant Headline Creator & Headline Analyzer so you can craft the PERFECT headlines for all your ads that grab your prospects attention and get them to take action!  This makes your brainstorming sessions a breeze.
  • Instant Copywriting & Scriptwriting Tools to help you write powerhouse copy for all your advertisements. You'll be able to write sizzling and compelling words that articulate and educate to your prospect why they should do business with you.
  • Instant Ad Design Tools for easily creating professional looking postcards, menus, flyers, coupons, door-hangers, mailers, and brochures in no time... no need to have any graphic design experience at all!
  • Instant Ad Analyzer to easily tell if you have a "profit-pulling" ad on your hands BEFORE you waste any money using it in your campaigns.  Quickly & easily tell if your ad or script satisfies the "Marketing Equation*" for success!































Turn-key Direct Mail Center System:
Equips your business with your own direct mail system that you control completely online!  Now, anyone in your office can instantly create, print, address, and mail professional looking postcards, flyers, coupons, letters using the United States Postal Service.  Target your mailings and run an entire direct mail campaign just your mouse.  It's easy and quick... and best of all... you never have to touch a single piece of paper!
Online VMU Project Management Tool:
Your membership comes with access to a full-featured online project management tool that you can use to keep your different VMU training projects organized and on-schedule.  Easily identify and assign various marketing tasks and make sure you are executing successful marketing projects for your business.


Free Web Hosting Account and Domain Name for your VMU Marketing Projects:
You receive a fully-featured web hosting account and domain name so that you can immediately execute any of the marketing strategies and projects that you learn about from VMU.  Now you don't have to worry about interfering with your company's main website (or domain) when you want to launch and test various marketing campaigns. 

Your new hosting account is "jam-packed" with over 70+ different powerful web tools to help you gain tremendous leverage from your online marketing efforts.  In addition, you'll have access to your own easy-to-use Online Website Builder that includes more than 350+ professionally designed website templates that you can quickly customize for your purposes. 

Consider this Your all-in-one command center for creating and maintaining a better marketing website, in less time -- no matter what your experience level. Here's just a small list of everything that comes FREE in your new VMU Web Hosting Account:

  • 4GB Website Hosting Account
  • 20GB bandwidth transfer (monthly)
  • Free domain name registration/transfer
  • Free Online EZ Website Builder
  • 350+ Free professional website templates

PLUS... Tons of FREE Software Tools for Hosting & Managing your own:

  • Full-Featured Email Autoresponder System
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • Online Project Management System
  • Comprehensive Ad & Link Tracking System
  • Online Polls & Marketing Surveys
  • Online Membership sites
  • Online Shopping system
  • Online Auctions (ie: eBay)
  • Articles Directory
  • Image Galleries
  • Guestbooks
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • And More...

















































FREE Membership Orientation Tour:
These on-demand videos are designed to help you "get a strong grasp" on the value of and  You will get a firm overview of Web2.0 marketing and how you can using effective and powerful Streaming Video Marketing Strategies in your business.
On-Demand Video Training:
Advanced Online & Video Marketing Tips, Strategies, & Tactics.  Your Step-by-Step Blueprints To Marketing Success!

These recorded videos are private training courses that teach you completely how to leverage the power of Streaming Video to help you explode your revenue and at the same time reduce your marketing and operational costs!

Specific video courses focused on various aspects of web2.0 and streaming video strategies from setting up your squeeze pages, writing effective copy, auto-responders, follow-up emails, Pay-Per-Click, social marketing, search engine optimization secrets, and much more!
Public videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, MSN Video, and other online video sharing sites that provide further insight and information regarding various Web2.0 & Streaming Video topics.

We spend countless hours weekly reviewing hundreds of videos to provide you with a hand picked selection of valuable and useful videos to help you in your marketing and video creation efforts... All so you don't have to waste your precious time doing it!

Live Video Broadcasts, Telecasts, & Webcasts:
Private invitations to attend monthly live training seminars, live Q&A sessions, and live coaching round-tables.  This provides members with real-time access to live webinars and private online classroom sessions where you can interact directly with VMU experts to help you with any aspect of your Video Marketing campaigns.

These sessions are also archived and available for replay 24/7 at your convenience.

Live 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Help:
Your personalized V.I.P. status includes private access to professional video marketing consultants who will spend 1-on-1 quality time with you.  Each month you will have access to at least 6 hours of personal attention and coaching time with private consultants to help with your specific marketing needs.


The Recommended Power Links:
This section has organized all of the various helpful links and 3rd party resources  that you'll need to quickly and easily implement your marketing campaigns.  Some links are FREE RESOURCES that will truly help you increase your marketing results using these FREE ONLINE RESOURCES and minimize your marketing expense and effort.   We spend hours every day scouring the web to uncover helpful websites that you can use that won't cost you a dime... so you don't have to! 

You will also find SECRET WEAPONS which are Powerful and Automated Web2.0 Tools & Software Programs To Drive Massive Amounts Of Traffic To Your Website.  Caution... you MUST use these tools responsibly as they are extremely powerful and enables you to have mass control over your marketing efforts.

Plus... much, much, more!  There will always be incredible "marketing goodies" released in this section so you'll definitely want to check back often.  Using this section before you search elsewhere online for marketing resources will save you time... money... and provide you with tremendous insight.





Complete your personalized profile in the VMU community so other VMU members can learn about you and your business and connect directly with you.

You can promote your business, product, or services and advertise your company's web address on your Face-Space includes Public VMU chat

This includes building a "buddy list" of other VMU members, public chatting between other members, private emailing, and much more.  This is a great way to build professional relationships and develop joint venture partnerships.

Private Member's Only Access To Discussion Forums: 
Our virtual community provides the opportunity for like minded business people with similar interests to talk to each other, interact, and develop mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships with one another.  These forums are moderated by VMU professional contributors and closed to the public and all members can feel free to discuss any aspect of their video marketing projects. 

Each VMU membership level will have access to separate private forums designated for their respective level.


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